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The Mortuary Collection: Fantasia 2020 review

The Mortuary Collection: Fantasia 2020 review

Welcome to the ominous town of Raven's End. Lead Clancy Brown is under heavy make up which his iconic voice projects through. It's Mr Crabs the mortician, but more accurately Montgomery Dark the mortician. A strange older man with a macabre veneer. A mysterious creep yet with a sense of right, one that seems to haunt him. Rich and vibrant backdrops, the characters on the screen shine. Constant shifts between comedy and suspense. Cryptic but not heavy so far. Edgy Adam's Family vibe with the perfect soundtrack for gravity. Curious young Sam applies for a job in the mortuary after spotting a long forgotten help wanted sign. The interview becomes Mister Dark reciting tales from death's domain.  

Tale one appears as light fantasy horror. More creative then gory, suspenseful but not messy. Demon in the mirror as I have come to refer to it concludes with a popping pull. A quick tale of cosmic balance. Tale two takes place in Ravens End School of Technology. Self indulged frat bro on campus charms his way into the hearts and other organs of susceptible coeds. He finds his latest interest in a soft spoken and sweet mannered passerby who catches his eye. A hilarious but deadly look at the demise of a manipulative patriarchy. 

Story three, we join poor catatonic Carol and the husband who cares for her. A husband overwhelmed by this unexpected turn in health that makes him feel shackled and alone. The graphic intensity increases in this tale of strangled love. And things progressively only get worse.

The final narrative is told by Sam herself. Revealing and bringing together a stylish and a twist conclusion. This film offers layers upon layers of narrative without needing or stopping to clarify, leaving our minds to fill in the gap.  That at times is more terrifying and a brilliant choice. It's a big mix of style and themes of story telling. It's a greatly paced horror movie and in these trying times, the violence scales upwards slowly with each tale. That's much appreciated as even a horror buff can feel unprepared in such a sensitive era. In conclusion, TMC examines the nature of people, the darkness we hold, and the repercussions of fate of which we cannot escape. - Oz

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