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The Nighshifter 2018 Review (Brazil)

104 min

We in attendance were treated to the world premiere of Brazil's MORTO NÃO FALA also known as THE NIGHTSHIFTER.  I personally didn't know what to expect.  I went for a serving of hot gore with a side of blood soup and received a six-course meal in a lovingly crafted horror film from below the equator. Or for those more geographically inclined, dissected by it and the Tropic of Capricorn.  But I digress.

A simple title for such a complex and fascinating story of transgressions from beyond the grave.  As we meet our lead, we quickly learn of his special skill to communicate with the dead as well as the gritty style of the film itself.  It's raw and uncompromising.  And poetically filthy.  

For the main narrative itself, the tone and mood shift as fast as the scenes change.  The story; an overworked, underappreciated mortician with a strange quirk turns quickly on its head.  As one of the corpses states at the start "secrets of the dead are deadly".  That statement stays with you for the rest of the film.  

Stênio (the mortician) is privileged to a lot of information, details that he at first wisely keeps to himself.  Until things get personal.

It really does 'shift' in tone, mood, and story direction a lot.   And that's quite refreshing.  A tale of strangeness turns into one of violent, cursed vengeance with an overtone of jealousy and responsibility.

Repercussions are felt, forgiveness is begged for, responsibility to past sins always catch up, and a heavy burden will forever be carried.  An excellent submission to the festival.  A wonderful surprise for such an unsuspecting viewer.  And a fascinating learning experience as well.  Catalapsy.  Look it up.



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