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This Damned Band #1 Review

‚ÄčThis Damned Band #1
Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Tony Parker
Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski
Cover Artist: Tony Parker







This week sees what could possibly be a return to Spinal Tap!

This Damned Band follows the band "the motherfathers" as they record a documentary style video about their earlier days, seemingly most importantly a show in Tokyo. As a concept for a story its not new but seems to be underused in comic books and that's what makes this book such a good read.

The book opens with small highlights about what the band are and are not. It would seem that not all of the members are as into the scene as each others with some acting tough onstage but often falling out of character, another taking his wife and four kids on tour and another claiming to be into drugs but the worst he really does is drink and this is where our story starts, Drugs, the root of all evil having a very profound effect by allowing the band to meet what could possibly be the route of all evil.

The artwork in this book is divine, with a brief change up to the style halfway through that isn't jarring in the slightest, in fact, the more cartoony style helps to progress the story further by giving us an insight into the effect of the drugs. Or course the art could have been kept the same but the change is satisfying and helps to break up the harder elements of the book. As for cover art, it is gorgeous with hints of pschyadelia reminiscent of Hendrix albums, in fact looking at the cover I could almost hear the legends voice.

To sum up, this looks to be a very exciting book for issue 1 I'll give a 7/10 for story, some of the interview elements are a little disjointed and this book needs room to grow but for art im going to crank it up to 11.

As always this is my opinion but I feel that this book could be a hidden gem. -Matthew Ridout


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