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Tien and Yamcha coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

In a leaked scan from a Japanese magazine, it was revealed that Tien and Yamcha will be playable in the upcoming fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ.  The magazine gives a breakdown on how the two characters will play: Yamcha will be a rushdown type.  He has the tools you would expect, from the Wolf Fang Fist to the Spirit Ball.  It appears that you will be able to control the Sprit Ball yourself, possibly allowing for some interesting cross-up opportunities.  

Tien has some interesting gimmicks to play with:  much like Android 18, Tien will have Chiaotzu as an assist for some of his moves.  The magazine lists one attack in which you can "seal your opponent's movements".  On top of that, Tien can use his Tri-Beam, which you can fire multiple times at the cost of some health. 

The magazine also revealed a new original character, named Android 21.  What impact she will have on the story is currently unknown, but the implication seems to be that she is the one responsible for the revival of Android 16 and the clones of the heroes seen in the previous trailers.  What's cool here is that Android 21 isn't just some "fan-fic" type design made by someone at ArcSys: she is a character designed by Akira Toriyama himself.  There's no confimation where or not she'll be playable yet, but with the Tokyo Game Show starting Thursday, expect to see a trailer by the weekend.  In the meantime, feel free to check out this video from Maximilian Dood breaking down what was revealed in this magazine scan:

So what do you guys think? Like Android 21's design? Happy to see Tien and Yamcha make it in the game? Let us know! 

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