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There's a Venom Movie Coming 2018

So there's apparently a Venom movie coming, and it's coming October 5, 2018.  In a series of tweets by Exhibitor Relations, we get a bunch of news on the upcoming Sony film.  For one, The Girl in the Spider's Web (the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series of films, not another Spider-Man spin-off) is going to be pushed back to October 19, 2018.  The writers of the movie will be Scott Rosenberg, currently doing the Jumanji reboot, and Jeff Pinkner, currently doing The Dark Tower and previously the last Spider-Man film.  There doesn't seem to be a director at this time, Alex Kurtzman of the upcoming Mummy reboot has backed out.  There isn't anything about whether or not Marvel will be involved with this project as of yet, but with Spider-Man's involvement in the MCU, it'd be a safe assumption to make.  

So what do you guys think about this one? Who do you want to see cast? Think this film will be good? Let us know! 

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