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-Review by Mike McCoy

DC/Vertigo's Sheriff of Babylon, Tom King and Mitch Gerad's Iraq War crime story, is one-of-a-kind. The world in which the book takes place is territory that is unfamiliar to many comic fans. In fact, its very subject matter is unfamiliar to many people, comic reader or not. 

The story revolves around the intersecting lives of its three main characters: Chris Henry, an ex-cop turned military contractor who blames himself for the attacks of 9/11; Saffiya al Aqani, an Iraqi-born, American-educated diplomat, who through her various, not-always-legal connections, sees a way to put her family's lineage back in control of her home country; and Nassir Al Maghreb, Iraqi Police investigator pulled out of retirement to find resolution for past and vengeance for his tragic losses. Sheriff of Babylon abruptly establishes a world where a person's disappearance, or even murder, are common and unremarkable occurrences, and chronicle 3 people's desperation for something resembling justice.

Saffiya al Aqani (Art by Mitch Gerad)

If you're currently serving as an active-duty military member, like me, several aspects of this story will ring true, like the confusion and frustration, or even fear and anxiety felt when dealing with civilians in a country overseas. Other aspects, like expert crime investigation and analysis may not be familiar, but you can gain a unique insight into that world, thanks to Tom King's experience as a CIA operations officer. No matter your background, you can find something to love about this intense series that has the ability to put you in a world you knew-existed, but could never imagine being a part of. 


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