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Wonder Woman Sets Records With $228 Million International Gross

So you might have caught the news we posted that Wonder Woman was looking to bring in anywhere between $65 million and $100 million at the domestic box office opening weekend. It looks like that $100 million figure was closer to the mark: Box Office Mojo is reporting that Wonder Woman has brought in $228 million internationally, $103 million domestic and $125 million international.  That is the highest domestic gross from a film directed by a woman, with the previous record holder being 50 Shades of Grey at $85 million.  It's also more than what Warner Bros. was expecting the film to take in.  

What's interesting about this is that Wonder Woman still has the lowest opening weekend of a movie set in the current DC film universe.  At the same time, it has done better than a few Marvel films that were introducing new characters, such as Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Ant-Man.  We'll see how this plays out down the road, it could shape up to being the highest grossing DC film-there aren't a whole lot of negative reviews stopping people from wanting to see this in theaters.  We'll keep you all posted as the numbers keep coming in. 

What do you guys think? Seen Wonder Woman yet? Like the film? Let us know!

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