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Wonder Woman Still Going Strong at Box Office

In Wonder Woman's third weekend at the box office, it's looking like it will take in the most domestically out of any DC film in the current universe.  It is currently sitting at $318 million domestic, beating out Man of Steel.  Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad are at $330 and $325 million respectively, so Wonder Woman should overtake those two by the weekend as long as the cinema industry doesn't go bankrupt by then.  

Something to note about Wonder Woman's success is the amount of time it took to do so: Batman v. Superman had 12 weeks in the box office, Suicide Squad and Man of Steel had 14.  Wonder Woman is only in its third week.  This goes to show the direct effect positive press can have on a movie's life.  While these other DC films were financial successes, they didn't have much life past their first weekend.  While Wonder Woman had the lowest opening out of the current DC film universe, it undoubtedly has the longest legs.  If it keeps up the current pace, it could very well be on it's way to break a billion dollars. We'll keep you guys posted for when that happens.  

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